July 1, 2010

There’s nothing quite like Fairyland when you’re little. The possibilities for playing, exploring, and making new friends are endless, and everything is sized just right.

I hadn’t been back to Fairyland since I was small, so I had a blast trying to keep up with this energetic toddler as she and her mama showed me all their favorite spots -

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


Fairyland Family Portrait


Check you out!

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


Where the big kids play…

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


Inspecting the tunnel…

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


OMG there are squirrels – RUN AWAY!!

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


Turning the key makes the magic happen ~

Fairyland Toddler Portrait


Love that reading room…

Fairyland Family Portrait


Let’s go exploring!

Fairyland Toddler Portrait

Thanks for sharing your day with me and bringing back such great memories!


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G.S. Khalsa April 22, 2013 at 12:37 am

I’m Hari’s Dad… :^)

The stage for our little family of four’s several visits to
Children’s Fairyland was set by MY parents. My birth
family of six was on vacation in the San Francisco
Bay Area in about 1986 or so. Our little family
(including me as a little kid) had SO much fun there
that I still have VIVID memories of the experience
today — it was all SO magical for me! (Kind of like
a precursor for my first visit to Disneyland for the
first time years later….)

My charming wife and I took Hari to to Children’s Fairland
for the very first time way back somewhere in 1981-1987,
when she was somewhere between about 3-7 years old.
(About 5 years later we did the same for her sister Katy too,
when she was also somewhere about 3-7 years old. Hari
of course on those visits was the one who did most of the
guiding of her little sister right to all the cool stuff…)

Both of them were were amazed and delighted during
their visits. Beyond what you’ve just seen in the photos
you’ve just seen — Hari’s recordings of some of her client’s
and their children’s delight at being there — when Hari herself
was first there, she thought going inside the whale was really
fun, and she also got a big kick out of the puppet show!

We all love our kids, don’t we…

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