Hi, I’m Hari.

After working in tech for many years, I decided to go out on my own and work at something that I find more personally fulfilling. Photography is that thing for me – the thing I love, the thing I’m great at, and what I want to share with the whole world.

My dream is to help families capture and share their love, and in doing so to add a little beauty back into the world. I shoot on-location and mostly with natural light because I love the ambiance and character that we can create this way. I’m always on the lookout for moments that show the connection between people, and where individual personalities shine through.

I look forward to helping you capture and share your family love! Send your ideas to info at wildplumphotography dot com, or use the contact page to get in touch.

- Hari

Why the name Wild Plum?

I’ve always been inspired by nature and I love being outside. Growing up, I loved climbing the plum trees in my backyard in Berkeley, playing in the treehouse, picking (and sometimes throwing) fruit, and generally causing mayhem. I wanted a name that would convey the excitement and freedom of being young and outside, and also have some personal significance. Enter the wild plum — a California native (like me), smaller than the regular plum (I prefer “petite”) and a little more tart (um, no comment).